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deep1_motionToday at 02:27

Hello, I'd like to make a client a top client so that his company name and logo will appear on my profile. I'm just not sure about one thing: he's a company employee, and I've prepared some lower thirds for him with his company information. So, can I add him with his working firm information, or do I need to complete or deliver a project directly with the company to add it as a Top client?


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Hi there!  The Help Center states that you will need to "confirm that you've worked with the client mentioned and that you have permission to publish details."


Talk with the client and ask for permission to use his name, as well as his company name and logo. As long as you receive the client's permission to share all of these details, you should be okay to add your client (and his company information) as a Top Client. I suggest you retain a copy of the client's written permission to add him as a Top Client.

There will also be a section in Top Client where you can go into more detail on exactly what you did for this client so it is clear for anyone who visits your profile.

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