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How to rank my gig on page 1 or 2



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1 hour ago, dev4_u said:

Hello, i am Mehedi Hasan, i,m new to fiver, i want to rank my gig on 1 or 2 page, can anyone suggest me what can i do to make my gig rank?

Ranking doesn't work like that on Fiverr. Where your gig shows up in search results is based on relevancy and your profile/gig stats (buyer satsifaction being the most important one). Fiverr works to connect the buyer with the right seller that can solve their needs. So you have to research who your clients are, what you're offering, and how you can solve their needs. Then work to optimize your gig for that audience, while making sure you deliver great quality and top-notch support to all your buyers. 

In other words, you might rank on page 1 for me, but someone else might not find you until page 15, because the algorithm has decided that your gig isn't really relevant for them. 

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