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How can I start my career As Amazon VA?

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You can't, since that's not a career. That's a side hustle at best. 

You shouldn't start at "a stage of learning". You should learn what you need first, and then start. That doesn't mean you stop learning, it just means you need to already know enough to begin with. 

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Look, there are thousands of sellers that completed a “course” in whatever, to learn to press three buttons to remove background or how to post a fb ad and already call themselves social media marketers or as your course for Amazon virtual assistant. and most of them don’t sell, because apart from completing a course they don’t learn anything else, they don’t learn about the value and portfolio and just want to earn in a saturated field with clicking a couple of buttons. 

It’s a very niche, very narrow skill. Just completing a course is not enough. Have you done work in that field that can prove to your clients that THEY will get results with your work and not that they will be paying you to learn on your mistakes. 

Show your clients what value you will bring to them and any platform wear it’s fiverr or any other and clients will be reaching out to you themselves. 

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@waqar_and_co I totally agree with @mariashtelle1 , we all have learnt something or did courses but it doesn't mean that we can quickly start getting jobs. First understand that how much competition do you have and how much saturated this niche is as it is easy to start. Not saying anything to discourage you but apart from just doing a course, do some practical work so you can show it to your clients that how much value you are going to add for them. Use any platform that you're comfortable with but before that, do some practical work.

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