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10+ Cancelled orders


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HI, I am A 3D artist and I work as a freelancer on fiverr.

So, everything was going good i was on seller level 1 and was ready to get my level 2 seller batch, i had 13k impressions on average per weak until I decided to go on a trip which cost me everything..

I was on a trip to Mumbai but instead of pausing my gig I accepted all the offers I got from new buyers and suddenly i had like 10 orders to deliver and no time to work on them, I disappointed al off them , 3 of them requested to cancel their order bcuz I was very late and the rest of them did the same after some time.. I acted carelessly and it got my fiverr profile to sink.. and after that my order completion rate went below 60% , I also lost my level 1 seller batch. I learned a big lesson on fiverr.

After all this I thought about starting it all over again.. after 1 adn a half month my order completion rate went to 100% again I got 1 new order , but my impression were still down, on 15th may I got my seller Level 1 batch back, then my impressions increased a lil bit then went down again, I thought I should change my gig, so I updated my portfolio adn everything  made it better than it was before..

Since then I hve been waiting to get my impressions back but nothing is happening 

please help if you have any tips for me ! and also how can I get my impressions back and my gig running ? 

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