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How to increase to sell of our gigs.have you know ?Discussion with new seller


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This is my advice specifically for you: your gigs are all explained in highly technical language, which is fine for people who understand what that means. You must describe your gigs for people looking for ways to improve their online business but who don’t know how to do technical things (otherwise, why would they want to hire you, if they can do it themselves?) Why does a business need your expertise? To advertise to as many people as possible. To interact with potential customers using as many platforms as possible. To do business transactions with people on phones, tablets or computers with as much ease as possible. Whatever. It’s important to describe what you do in your gigs, but you also need to give buyers a reason to buy your gigs, too.

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Looking at your introduction, I see this "Hello there, I am giving facelities are : 100% Hand-coded & Table-less layout (Table only for tabular data), Browser Compatibility (IEs, Mozilla, Chrome, Safari, Opera & Netscape), 100% W3C Validated & SEO semantic Clean,Use of font-face and CufonFonts for Modern Fonts Pixel-Perfect Order now"

I would change this to say:

Hello everyone! I am offering to make your website 100% compatible with all browsers, and improve and optimize your site for SEO.

I really not sure what you are trying to say about fonts. I would leave that part out unless you can say it in a way that is understandable to most people. It is very difficult to tell what you are offering exactly from the way it is written.

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