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Fiverr Seller Plus now shares more insights about every buyer


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Ok, so Fiverr Seller Plus seems to bring in a pretty interesting, new feature for those that are a part of this program.

I received a message from a potential client and now it seems you can see quite a bit more info about buyers. This includes the ratings they give, completed orders, how much they usually spend, if they cancel orders or not, and also the category they purchase from in general.

I think this is good, it offers a good idea of what you can expect from the buyer, their overall budget, and that completion rate shows who is prone to cancel often, which is always handy to know. It's always great for sellers to have this kind of transparency, so I am definitely excited to see this new feature. As I said, I think it just rolled out a few minutes ago, and it's just for the Seller Plus members.


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