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Help! Where did my gig extras/Level 1 go?!


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I’ve just had a buyer contact me to purchase a gig, he wants it “Extra fast” and luckily I checked my gig description because I found that all my gig extras have vanished but I’m still Level 1!

I tried to clear my browser cache and refresh the page but the same thing happened.

Is this related to the new 5 star rating system being implemented on my gig??


**edit – even though I reached LEVEL 1 weeks ago, and was 90% on my way to reaching LEVEL 2, it’s saying that I’m 90% on my way to reaching LEVEL 1… again. Yet when you click on my profile it says I’m Level 1… What the hell is happening?

I’ve just lost revenue due to this!

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I woke up this morning and found myself dropped a level, too. I’ve already sent CS a message. I know it’s not anything I’ve done on my end. Funny thing is, I still have a $40 extra on one of my gigs showing, which isn’t possible on L1, so I’m hoping it’s just a glitch.

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