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My Gig is getting no attention. What am I doing wrong?

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51 minutes ago, johnclarkhelzer said:

Hi there. I published my first Gig several days ago, but am getting very few impressions, and no clicks at all. What am I doing wrong? Can you suggest anything I should be doing differently or better?

You're in a very competitive niche with lots of sellers. That can make it difficult to get noticed. There are a few things you can do to help you become more visible in the search results. 

  • Have an attractive and eye-catching gig thumbnail. Get some professional photos taken and use them in the thumbnail. The buyers are looking to hire real persons. Show them who you are to create trust. Hire a professional designer for your thumbnails. 
  • Hire a professional video creator to make a gig video. Use a real human voice over. Since you're a writer, you can probably make the script yourself. Sell yourself, your services, experience and make sure to push your value proposition to encourage conversions. 
  • Your gig description has an introduction that feels a bit.. "listy"? You'll only have a couple of seconds to grab the buyers attention. Use it well. You're a Yale graduate. That's prestigious. But don't just say that you are. Make the buyer feel that you are. I actually play on a simple "fear" that many buyers of translations have: getting bad translations and loosing out on business because of it. I do this in my gig video, gig description and my communication. They aren't paying for just words, but for the translation of meaning. Of their story. Identify the needs and fears of your buyers, and use it to your advantage in your marketing efforts. 

Now all of this won't directly give you more impressions. But if you implement it, you'll be more visible and have a higher chance of getting sales. When you do, Fiverr will see that as a plus. My working theory is that sales lead to sales as long as you impress your buyers enough to give you positive, private feedback (that's the review only Fiverr can see). So you need to get those first sales under your belt to get started. I tend to look more at conversion rate, rather than impressions and clicks. 


Best of luck!

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