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Buyer/Seller Full Name & Message Search

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I hope all of you are doing well.

I am working on Fiverr Platform last several years. I also used other Freelancing Marketplaces. I think Fiverr Features, UI/UX is the #1 of the whole Freelancing Marketplaces. Its really easy to manage own account as a Buyer/Seller. Also it's very easy to communicate each other through Messages. Recent Order Page is one of the biggest updates on Fiverr, which help us to manage Order easily than before.

Today I have 2 suggestions as a Seller. I think it will be helpful for the most of the Sellers.

1. Buyer/Seller Full Name: As we know on messages/order page, we can see buyer/seller username which is not actual name. It will be best if we can see buyer/seller Full Name on Message or Order Page. It will also help us to search by real name on Message page.

2. Message Search: I know we have a search feature on Message Page, but it only search buyer/seller user name. But as we are working long time, we have several repeated buyers, so we need to chat regularly. There are lots of chat messages for a single buyer. So it will be best if we can search chat message from Message Page. It will be very helpful for us to manage client request/discussion/tasks on chat.

Please let me know if anyone also feel these features will help us to manage buyer/seller and our conversation.


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1 hour ago, noazivpm said:

For message search you can try using Quick Search (top link in your seller account menu).

I just found the quick search. But it is not what we expected. This quick search is helpful, but it is not help for searching message from a chat history.

Few days ago, one of my regular client confirm a project which was discussed almost 1.5yrs ago. I tried to scroll message, and my browser was hanged while scrolling. After trying several times, i found the message 1.5yrs ago. So it will be easy, if we can find a specific message/word from a special buyer chat history or overall chat history.


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