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Urgent help please,

This is the result of the last 30 days of Gig Promoted. Currently my Gig has 5-6 keywords on 1,2,3 pages. I can understand why the order is not coming even after the click. Is it okay to edit my gig description and price a bit at this point? Looking forward to the advice of experts.

gig promoted.png

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And why is it urgent if you are running campaign for 30 days already? 

I posted a link somewhere on the forum for fiverr webinar about promoted gigs, you can look for it. And I think fiverr itself posted it somewhere here. 

Your promoted gigs are build on top of your gig performance, if your gig is doing well then promoted gigs will push it even more, if your gig has a so so performance then the same will be happening with your promotion. 
Anyway, promotion doesn’t guarantee orders, it just shows you a bit more often to interested buyers and if they don’t buy then it’s on your gigs not on promoted feature 😉

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