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No Orders in 2022


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Hello, dear fiverr community. I have been working as a fiction ghostwriter and scriptwriter on fiverr for more than a year and a half now. My business flourished and I received a steady stream of clients. Life was perfect, I was making a living by doing what I loved to do. But then...2022 happened. As a level two seller with nearly 145 perfect reviews, I have seen an alarmingly thinning stream of orders this year. In May, I have hit rock bottom with one two orders coming on worth almost nothing. I cannot understand what's going wrong. Please let me know why my gigs aren't attracting buyers anymore. Making stories come to life is my passion. Your valuable feedback is vital to help me rekindle my passion.

Here is my profile link:

Profile:  https://www.fiverr.com/fezanj101

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Actually unfortunately I'm the same case .. I worked for Fiverr from May 2021 and everything was going very well .. I'm level 1 seller and waiting to be level 2 seller by 15 Jun , also with about +150 orders completed and 80+ good reviews and I'm totally without any orders or at least messages from buyers for more than 3 months till now specially this month no any new orders .. So I think It's sure a general case in fiverr there's something really wrong and it seems that things will get worse too .. tried to upgrade the gig with many things but all what I see is de ranking  in all the gigs that I have .. impressions are going down day by day .. so I don't know what can we do 

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