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I'm a new seller on Fiverr that does coaching for a game called Valorant and 2 days ago my account was disabled. I immediately contacted Customer Support and was told that there were indications of irregular activity that were not in line with the platform's guidelines. I think they we're referring to my last customer who did 3 orders of the highest package I offer ($20 for 2 hour of coaching). I spent the majority of my day coaching this individual. After the sessions were over I delivered all the orders at the same time. I'm not sure if this was the reason my account was disabled but the customer did the exact same review for all 3 of the orders. I told CS that I had nothing to do with the reviews and that was solely what the customer did and I sent screenshots of our conversation to back it up. I was told that they would forward my case to a review team and they would let me know.

24 hours pass and I'm still wondering what is happening so I reply to the thread and it turns out that my ticket was closed and a new one was created. Then I was told that my account was disabled due to me providing deliveries that were taken from the Internet without proper licenses or stealing work made by other individuals. I did some looking around and couldn't find anything that indicated that I couldn't coach for a video game. In terms of stealing work made by other individuals, the coaching and photos I provided are all made or done by me. In addition there are hundreds of gaming coaches for other games not just Valorant. Obviously this is very confusing as I'm getting two different reasons and I'm not really getting anywhere with CS.

Really disappointing since I've used Fiverr in the past as a buyer with no issues but as a seller it seems the quality is worse. If anyone has any ideas on what to do please let me know.



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All you can do is to submit the information to support, and they will forward it to customer support. Fiverr doesn't ban sellers for no reason, so if they did, they probably have reason for it.

This doesn't seem fair, given the lack of information, but then again, the responsibility of knowing and following all terms set by Fiverr, lies solely on you.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do but wait, after submitting the information.

If Fiverr was in the wrong, they might reopen your account. But most likely, it's gone and that's it.

You've had a chance to submit your case. Probably, this information was forwarded to the Trust and Safety team, and is currently in their queue, so the support closed your ticket. 

You might get a separate notification if your account was to be reopened. 

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