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The seller gives me the buyer's order.

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On 4/28/2022 at 9:10 AM, prapty_rh said:

  It's totally your fault. Why did you not take a ticket from Fiverr’s Customer Support and explain to them that buyer/seller are blackmailing you?

On 4/28/2022 at 8:18 PM, jonbaas said:

Why did you give away three times the work that was ordered? Surely you are able to say "no" to buyers who try to take advantage of you?

The buyer is not able to "take more work" unless you agree to give to him.

Fiverr does not want sellers to cancel orders, and especially not to avoid bad reviews. 

This is a bold claim. How could you possibly know, for certain, that a fellow seller was trying to take advantage of you? Please don't make assumptions without clear and indisputable evidence.

I didn't understand the matter then. I realized it was my fault. I will try to be careful next time....

thanks for advice

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I have found if a customer puts the order in wrong and wants work that is way more than they paid for, its best to just let them know how much it will actually cost and if they are not ok with that, then just go ahead with requesting a cancellation. Customer service is important, but you also don't want the customer to take advantage of you.

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You should try to contact Fiverr customer support. He can be a seller in Fiverr. But for you he is a buyer. I don't think you can get the order back or money back. But you still can contact Fiverr support and let them know your problem. Next time please check who is the buyer before starting the order (seller or real buyer)

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The seller gives me his buyer's order, Delivery is not accepted after delivery of work, And tells me the order will be accepted after checking the buyer's work.

I delivered before the end of the delivery time. But two days have passed and it has not been accepted yet.

What should I do now?


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This was already happened to me as well and But When the customer ask me to do more then I send him the custom offer and he said he want this work in the same price, And I told him that I already mentioned in my gig that this particular package will have this work only, he refuse. I contact fiverr support and they read the convo and saw my gig. They found that I was telling the right thing.

They canceled the order and My stats doesn't get any affect.

Whenever you face any issue, Just contact support.

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Having great sorrow and empathy, I will only suggest you to be patient and keep on working better. Rating will be changing with time.

However, I will strongly suggest you to filter out your clients based on little research about their profile. 

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