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Any Left-handed person here?


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Just a casual talk.


I am a left-handed person (but when doing daily things, I can also do it with right hand. I only just felt a little bit weird at the start but when I get use to it, nothing different.).

After I graduated from school, my habit of using notebooks(or writing on a book) changed.

When we start to write, usually most of the people will write on the first or second right page, right? I also wrote normally when I was in school.

But when I graduated from school, I started to write from the last or last second page on the left, specially spiral notebooks. 😂

Usually I use up all the left pages AND THEN I turn the book upside down to continue use the "right pages". So if you see my notebook, you will see two pages but one of them is upside down.🤪

My friends was super shocked when they borrow my notebooks and ask: "Why are you using the notebook from the last page?" or "Why your writing like this?"


Wonder is there any lefties use notebook like I do? Or maybe you are facing another struggles and you have a fantastic solution to it. Feel free to share your stories in the comments.🥰

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In Hebrew and Arabic, people write from right to left. So what you're doing isn't that crazy. You're doing what you feel comfortable doing, and there's nothing wrong with it. I am right-handed, but have read on Wikipedia about the discrimination left-handed people experience. Their struggles with common objects such as scissors, automobiles, etc. There are very few products designed for southpaws, some guns ironically, have ambidextrous safeties and other features. 

Don't let others pressure you into doing things the "right" way. 

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