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My gig de rank due to one single late reply

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1 hour ago, stata_expert1 said:

How to rank again to first page? New seller here

Ranking is based on a number of things, like your buyer satisfaction, seller level, response time/rate, deliveries made on time, gig optimization, and the competition.

Remember, you're not competing against the algorithm. You're competing against other sellers for the very valuable space on the first results page. 

As a new seller, you might experience getting "boosted" for a while, to help you get started. But after you've got some orders under your belt, you're on your own, and it's your responsibility to make it among the other sellers. 

Fiverr values buyer satisfaction above all else. That's the "hidden feedback" buyers leave at the end of your orders. So the trick is to offer great support, high-quality and high value to every buyer. 

You say a single late reply to  a message caused this. Obviously, you can't know for sure. Maybe one of your buyers left negative, hidden feedback? Maybe your gigs aren't optimized properly to compete with the other sellers in your category? 

It could be a number of things and combinations of them causing this. 

Look at your gig and profile as a whole, not as separate parts. All of the factors I mentioned above plays a part in your ranking. Work to improve them as needed, and if you're any good at what you do, you'll make it with time and patience. 

Best of luck! 

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