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Dropping That Gig - Like a Hot Pancake


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Yeah! I am talking about your crap gig which has never sold a single thing. - I have one or two of these and to put it bluntly they’re fired. Right now any gig which is making sales at least once a week gets to stay. (Some of my new ones are super hot… And I mean blazing super hot - I am going to have to lenghthen the gig time.)

So when does one cut loose a gig with sales? I have decided once I get to 20 the weakest gig every week is going to get voted off of the Island in favour of trying something new. Remember more orders is better. (If you get 40 orders a week with an average value of $10 (remember extras people extras!)) - thats 400 a week or 1600 a month. (actually its more because most of us get orders on the weekend. For most people that is the rent or mortgage. What a great second income eh?

20 gigs X 2 orders each X average $10 with extras X7 days is $480

If you improve your gigs, and change them up then you’ll have

20 gigs X 3 orders each X average $10 with extrax X 7 days is $720

So this is going to be my road map. I have set a goal of reaching $2000 a month in gig revenue from Fiverr. Yes $2000.00 with March being the first month for that level.

Whats your road map?

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