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Can Buyer use our demo file in his or her project?😕


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Hi all,

I am a vocalist . 

Am here on Fiverr past two years.

 Today I got a enquiry from one of the client and he wanted me to show a sample of my completed work.

I attached the whole file and sent😰 .. later on realized it can be used by the client for free.. 😭


Once the file was sent I didn't get any response from the client 😕.


What shall I do in such cases ..

If a client ask for demo audio file of my work.

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31 minutes ago, sanjidasmrity said:

You can create your portfolio in behance . 

Behance is not allowed.

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:
  • ammyy.com

  • blogspot.com

  • dafont.com

  • dailymotion.com

  • flickr.com

  • mixcloud.com

  • reverbnation.com

  • soundcloud.com

  • teamviewer.com

  • tumblr.com

  • vimeo.com

  • wetransfer.com

  • wikipedia.org

  • wordcounter.net

  • youtube.com

 Note: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.
The above is from the Help Centre.
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