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8 hours ago, boosterszone said:

Has anyone had any success with book sales using Fiverr sellers?

Depends on what you mean by 'book sales'. If you mean promotions and ads that lead to sales, there are hundreds of Sellers offering marketing. (Finding a legitimate marketer is another matter and problem entirely.) If you mean a pitch specialist, someone who will contact retailers for you, to see if you can get your books on their shelves, you'd probably be better to stick with in-person agencies or your publishing agent. Similarly, if you mean someone who would make you book listing-ready for sites like Amazon, then I've read a few stories where that's gone well, but also several where is hasn't. If you mean straight Fiverr Sellers who will list your book on their sites, then you might find some Sellers, but they'd probably be hit or miss. 

'Book sales' could even mean making an appealing book cover, which is a VERY competitive category, and again can be hit-or miss.

@gina_riley2 has made a few great topics with general advice for buyers. Maybe one of them can help you.


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