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Can a seller use their pending clearance to buy something on fiverr ?


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If the funds are pending, as @mariashtelle1 mentioned, you'll have to wait until the date indicated on the left of the funds before you can use the funds (see image below). You can only use your Available Balance to make purchases.

If you need to purchase a service on Fiverr and you don't have anything in your Available Balance, you can use the payment methods that @lloydsolutions suggests.

The only time you would be able access pending funds immediately would be if you qualify for an Early Payout option. This allows you to click on the funds and use them immediately (with a 1% fee taken out). Early Payouts are only offered to select sellers and are only available on orders that did not auto close as you can see in the image below (there were 2 orders that auto-closed, so there is not an Early Payout option on those two orders).

You can visit the Help Center to find more information on how your Pending Funds work here: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010559998-Viewing-Your-Earnings


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