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What is my mistek?

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I took a look to your WordPress gig. Noted some discrepancy between what's stated in your profile, like that you're fluent in English and what you wrote here. Hopefully, you were just distracted and made some grammar mistakes. You won't lie about your skills, won't you? 

Anyway, here's what would make me think you wouldn't be a good fit for me as a buyer: 

You offer 24/7 support. Interesting, are you also able to sleep meanwhile? 

You offer unlimited revisions. This one is a juicy opportunity for scammers to rip you off. I'd get rid of it right away if I were in your shoes. 

1 month of free support after the delivery. I don't think this is even permitted by the ToS as every order should be registered and paid through Fiverr. 

Zoom meeting. I don't know if this is a thing for your niche but not everybody is allowed to communicate though Zoom with their client. As far as I know, it's possibile with selected buyers.


Hope this help. All the best! 

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