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Order received despite all gigs paused - any ideas?



Hey there. I paused all my gigs a few hours ago, since I'm going away for the weekend. However, I've just received an order.

I double checked and all my gigs are definitely paused, and I had no previous orders with this buyer, and hadn't sent him a buyer request.

Needless to say, I'm quite confused.

Any ideas what could have caused this/has anyone else experienced this? If this keeps happening, I'll end up having late orders as I won't be able to complete the work while I'm away. I've messaged customer service but just wanted to know if anyone else had seen this before

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Yeah, no custom offer is what I actually meant - and I checked the order time and "requirements submitted time" and both were 5 hours after I turned off my gigs! Really strange. I'll send an update when I hear more, but I guess it is possible that a buyer just left the order page open for 5 hours before finishing the order 😂

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Customer Service confirmed Donnovan's answer:


When a Gig is paused, it does not mean that it cannot be accessed or that orders cannot be placed on it, but that it's only removed from the search until activated again.
Any user that has a link to the Gig (either by having previously accessed the Gig, using the outside promotion links or directly from pervious orders) can still access the Gig and place orders by purchasing any of the packages.

I had no idea. I always thought that pausing the gigs meant people couldn't place orders! 

However, the direct link was already turned off for all gigs - what I had to do was in fact change the order queue limit to 0.

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44 minutes ago, joyh97 said:

what I had to do was in fact change the order queue limit to 0.

I guess to be reasonably sure to not get an unwanted order, one should combine going in unavailable mode, pausing Gigs, and changing order queue limits to 0 😅

My order queue limit sometimes is buggy, i.e., numbers don't match up, so I'm not sure if I'd rely solely on that.

Until some time ago, buyers could place orders for custom offers you sent, even if you were in out of office mode, but that doesn't seem to work any more. Since quite some time, I have to go in available mode again if a customer wants to accept their custom offer. So, in theory, unavailable mode should do the trick... provided that also customers you sent a BR offer to also can't accept it while you're in unavailable mode. But I guess that's not completely reliable, either, as there are some differences between normal custom offers and those sent to BR, namely, you can't set an expiration date for custom offers sent to BR...

Well, I hope that order won't ruin your weekend plans too much, enjoy your weekend in either case!

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