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Order status is "In revision" after I extended delivery time.



I delivered on time. Then buyer requested a revision with many modifications which was not mentioned earlier. To do this I need at least week or more. So I went to resolution center and requested extension in the delivery time and buyer accepted it. But now in my order status section it is mentioned "In Revision" instead of "In Progress"

Note: When buyer requested revision I didnt provided him revision delivery but I went to resolution center to increase delivery time and buyer accepted it.

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When you've delivered an order on time, the delivery days no longer matter. So when a buyer asks for a revision there's no need to extend the delivery time. 

That's why your status is 'in revision' instead of 'in progress', because in a sense the initial order progress has finished. I must admit, I didn't know you could still extend the delivery time when your order is in revision. That's because I believe the delivery time is no longer relevant, so I never tried it. 

In short though, there's no need to worry about the technicality of your order status. Just complete the revisions and deliver the order again and you're good to go!

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