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Impressions and clicked not being. An order doesn't come.


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I am Rashedul. I opened a new FIVERR account. But I have working experience in companies and other marketplaces. I opened a new gig. Before Giving the gig I took a lot of time and did research on description Keywords. I completely avoid copy and pasting. I typed the description manually with my hands. I have written the description with keywords. But I see that the impression and clicks in my gig are not so good. Please help me what can I do now?

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You are offering a service Fiverr does not allow.

Services That involve sharing personal information of third parties 

We do not allow services that breach 3rd-party rights and lead to spamming individuals. In order to ensure this policy, we ask that the data provided in these services will be unique to each order and will only contain business data. 

 Do not post, offer, or ask for:  

  • Lists with data (such as email addresses or phone numbers) of individuals, only business data.

  • Premade lists containing personal data.

  • Scraping social media platforms to obtain information about others.  

  • The above is from the Community Standards under Prohibited Services.

  • To offer such services is to risk your Fiverr account.

  • Check out this topic: 


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