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How will I get order in fiverr


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If your GIG doesn’t rank you need to do some thing I mentioned below.

  • Upgrade seo with relevant keywords
  • Put your service keywords in the description remember don’t use word excessively.
  • Create attractive images for the GIG
  • pricing is important! Price your services with reasonable price.
    Hope your impression will be increasing
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Hi! Your gigs look pretty good to me, but I have a few tips.

Don’t offer unlimited revisions. If you offer unlimited revisions, buyers can constantly bother you for more and more revisions. You could get pulled into a never-ending order that could last a while! Also, it’ll help prevent getting scammed by bad buyers.

I would suggest removing “I am always online” from the gig description in your first gig.

Hope this helps!

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41 minutes ago, intimealok said:

But i have not get any work yet.

I visited your profile and I noticed that you delivered a work. How did you get this?

Read these articles https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr?segment=seller


This may be helpful too. @vickiespencer

Here are some tips put together by other sellers.

  1. Do not stay online, 24/7. It would be best if you had your sleep to be productive.
  2. Do not post your gigs all over social media. It is SPAM, and besides, your friends and relatives are not your target buyers.
  3. Do not offer unlimited revisions. Buyers can keep asking for revisions over and over, and you’ll have no choice but to do them.
  4. Use Buyer Requests ONLY if you can do a great job fulfilling the buyer’s requirements.
  5. When making offers on Buyer Requests do not use copied and pasted offers. Each Buyer Request is unique and needs a different answer.
  6. Make sure your profile is perfect. Spell everything correctly and use proper English grammar.
  7. Make sure your gig images are different from any other seller, and make sure they are eye-catching.
  8. Never copy another seller’s gig mages or wording.
  9. Do not do homework for students. This will cause you to lose your gig and maybe even your account.
  10. Be patient.
  11. Offer fair pricing for your products.
  12. Offer quality products.
  13. Always be kind to Buyers (even the ones that tick you off).
  14. Seek to improve your product quality over time.
  15. Pay attention to what your Seller competitors are doing and learn from them (asking this question is a step in that direction).
  16. Be honest.
  17. Expect failures, disappointments, and cancellations but also expect successful events as well.
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30 minutes ago, mehedi_shawon said:

Before create a gig you have to do proper work like good keyword, eye-catching image and Title. One more thing make sure that you have 7 gigs on your profile

please see my profile and gig, Tell me if it have wrong.

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How do I increase my Fiverr gigs impression & views?

You can increase your impressions, clicks and views by doing SEO of your gig and by targeting the keyowrds buyers are searching. You can also increase them by promoting your gigs on social media platforms.

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1 hour ago, siddiqui6389 said:

I visited your profile and gigs. They look overall good. But you put some more emphasis on : 1. Keyword in description part of Gigs  and 2. Price - check whether you can reduce the rate slightly. This way you can make the gigs more attractive.

Thank you so much. But i don't understand description keyeword. please tell me clearly.😐

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You are getting impressions but potential buyers are not clicking on your gigs. I would suggest you review your gig images, as in my personal opinion, are not very attractive.

Also, try to advertise your gigs out of the Fiverr platform. This article may give you some ideas. 👇


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2 minutes ago, intimealok said:

I don't get any work for 3 months. Please help me how to get an order. My gig's impressions and clicks are decreasing regularly.

please help me.


@intimealok I'm telling from my point of view and popularly said points for some people in forum,


First you need to check your gig very carefully, as each and evry phase you are going to creating a gig.

check you title and compare other oldest sellers profiles based on your category, check the tags in your gigs is it suitable or not, give the details description of your gig becuase we can able to add 2000 characters as a gig description so don't put uncleared description of your gigs, because If I click your gig as a buyer then I need complete details of your work and how I need know how much experience in this field so accordingly I get from you description and your portfolio! 

Concider the gig images, try to put your gig images as a current scenario, please check your seniors profile and see it how look like that gig image,becuase if you gig image like a different one from others then may be it will be increes your gigs click rate, and I'm not telling to you, go to copy that seniors work just it's a reference for you. 

And some people said to me please online 24 hours, but i don't know about this, because I'm also tired in my starting stage but I'm no getting any orders, but you can ask this metter with seniors. 

If you want you can set the Quick response message option but it's  based on your choice. 

Don't worry @intimealok, give you best one day you will get an order, don't think like looser, you can do anything in this world! 


Try and Try One Day You Can Fly! 


Thank You! 


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8 hours ago, intimealok said:

I don't get any work for 3 months. Please help me how to get an order. My gig's impressions and clicks are decreasing regularly.

please help me.

First of all, try to follow the TS and CS of Fiverr. Keep patience and just try to do social media marketing daily and also try to GIG optimize with better images. It will help you get new orders. Best wishes to you. 😊

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