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Popular Trends 🙌 - Round 3#

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Filling in gaps means creating new opportunities for both buyers and sellers. Here’s some exciting information that might make you want to restock your shelves:

Most-searched keywords— screenshot and save them!


  1. Sun

  2. House

  3. Book

  4. Tree

  5. Heart

  6. Dog

  7. Flower

  8. Moon

  9. Water

  10. Flowers




Need some inspiration? Check out logos that match these top keywords. 

  1. Sun-

    Designed by Lihi_ann

  2. House-

    Designed by iiidddooo

  3. Book-

    Designed by Alonda

  4. Tree-

    Designed by vanadium1st

  5. Heart-

    Designed by manucorsi

  6. Dog-

    Designed by shiranromano828

  7. Flower-

    Designed by Dmitry_li

  8. Moon-

    Designed by umuarus

  9. Water-

    Designed by shirgiladi

  10. Flowers-

    Designed by amitmaman

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


The Logo Maker team

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Thank you ! Would also appreciate if we could able to download our own design in svg. Sometime customer want some modifications in design and we are on different OS. So it would be convenient for us to directly download it from here instead of searching for that particular logo in our OS. Thanks again 

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On 5/24/2022 at 1:45 PM, khalidghriss said:

have a problem with copyright every time I upload an original design that I made, they reject it for copyright violation

Are you sure it’s original and you are not using the same details as in your previous logos or any stock images in your logos or your designs are too common and similar to the ones that are on the internet? 

Edit: I checked your gig and you do deliver logos to clients using stock images from the internet 🤷‍♀️  And even monogram logos are quite standard and internet is flooded with similar images like a triangle logos for example. 

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