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How to find out buyer name from buyer request ?



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35 minutes ago, nazirhussain123 said:

By the name of the client, we can get an idea either its a individual buyer or company. We mostly looking for a long term clients. 

No you can’t. Nickname is a nickname and not always speak for a company or an individual. For example I had someone who’s nickname starts with “sexy….” But it looks like they are a long term client on fiverr and has a lot of project completed. So you can’t judge by the name. And even if it’s a company person still can use his name to register and you will never know if he is individual or a company unless he tells you that specifically 

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If you use the phone app, you will see the buyer's name there. I frequently go to the buyer's profiles to see if they have any negative reviews. However, since Fiverr started putting seller reviews on the buyer's profile page, more buyers do not leave a review, and thus sellers cannot either.

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