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Hello, 2 month ago I got Fiverr's choice badge and my daily impressions was 500-700. Suddenly my GIG stopped promoting and my Impressions dropped to 30-40 daily (-99%). I have changed My profile it doesnot work. I have 120+ Positive reviews and completed almost 200 orders.

Can anyone help me what to do now ?

Fiverr's Support is useless only same template text every time.

Please give me any advice this was my main income source.


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When you get a fiverr's choice badge, your gig is being promoted much more than normal for a short time. It is a very short term, temporary boost - it isn't permanent, and it's normal for the level to drop back down after you lose the badge. 

Whenever you change your profile (in my experience), it takes about 2 weeks to come back in the search results, or to come back to a normal level of impressions etc. If you are getting 30-40 impressions, it means your gig IS still being seen, which is good. It isn't being blocked and it is available in the search results.

On top of this, all gigs are continuously rotated in the algorithm. EVERYONE spends some weeks on the last page of search results, and some weeks near the beginning. This constantly changes and is done on purpose to give everyone a chance.

To me, it seems like between the shock of no longer having the fiverr's choice boost, and then making changes to your gig which takes you out of the search results, plus spending some time on the last pages due to the automatic search result rotation - this would explain your concerns about your gig performance.

Some options include:

  • Make more gigs based on the market research of what is popular, making sure prices and quality of work are competitive.
  • Improve current gigs with more attractive gig videos/images, better SEO, better pricing based on competitor research. Note that there will be a 2 week cool-off period (approximately) while the gigs are manually reviewed
  • Get 1 month of seller plus and get advice from a personal success manager. It's not fiverr support's job to help you improve your gig - they are there for technical issues or problems with buyer interactions or bugs etc. Your success manager's job however, IS To improve your gig and get you more orders etc.
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