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Unprofessional and Rude NFT Artist

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found this NFT artist on fiverr. ID : Kindlynf

first of all. he send his other contact because he dont want to be paid on fiverr.

talked to him about making an NFT, and hes asking more than his GIG on fiverr. which is unacceptable. asked why he charged more, and then he start cursing and swearing. deleted other convos to protect his fault.


Please guys choose your seller wisely! 


Much love





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Report the user.

As a quick lesson on spotting scammers early:

-look at the profile pic then look at their location. Then back at the profile pic.

-read the reviews carefully. Notice anything weird?

Report their account. Their prompt to take this conversation outside Fiverr alone will be enough for CS to take action.

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Never contact outside of the fiverr.  I can feel any fake artists here with just glance as a real artist, just reverse searched his gig image it was stolen from artist called Rodrigo Paulicchi (I don't think it's Nigerian name). When it is too good to be true, it's probably scam.🤙  I don't have any hate for an NFT but you can find most fake sellers in NFT category.  I'll check when he joined fiverr,  description, reviews, portfolio before I place order above 200$.

If seller has nonsensical description, too seo oriented, repeated one thing 2,3 times, and used phrases like we, team of,  unlimited, guarantee then it is probably scam too.

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