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Why does this one gig in particular get ~0 impressions everyday?

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I think it depends on the activity, I have the same issue, due internet problem, I can not log in all day  for week .my gig impression went down from 9000 to 1000 

I don't think that's the case. I log into fiverr everyday and remain logged in while I do other stuff on my laptop

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Probably because this isn't a popular service in comparison to your other gigs. Your gig image could be better, though that would be more of a click-rate solution than an impression solution. Also, each time you make changes to your gigs, they can be removed from the search results for a while for manual review, so if you're changing things like SEO, you would need to wait at least a week or two to see any positive effects. My impressions and clicks etc always take a hit for 1-2 weeks after making gig changes, and then they go back to normal or better 

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