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Got my first sale and then Big blank....

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Can anyone give me his opinion about my gigs am on fiver if my memory is good for 15 days now and I made my first sale about one week ago
But still in progress so there are no reviews yet 
in my first week, I put most of my gigs were attached to a video but not the best quality so and the gig I got the sale on was with no video in it so I decided to remove the entire videos and replace them with a high-quality image that best describes what I do and I didn't notice a dramatic change and the biggest number of clicks I have is 7 or 8 

Any advice from an advanced seller Or maybe just telling me if anything wrong with my gigs or profile look 
And my impression is 120 the highest gig I have and the other gig I made a sale on is 119 
Could anyone tell me what is that means or what I should do about this, Thank you

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