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I'm not an expert, only an observer. Here's what I can tell after looking at your gig:

Your last delivery was 12 months ago and one of the last reviews was less than 5 stars. That reviewer mentioned your English/communication level was the reason why you got a less than perfect score. This came from a US customer. In fact, 8 of the 11 customers you had that year were from the US or UK. Although I can't speak for the UK (I am from the US), I know that US customers are pretty ruthless when it comes to English. If you have less than perfect English, this would be a reason for us not to do business with you. We need to work with someone we can communicate with.

I looked at the rest of your reviews and noticed that you had a major shift in clientele. Previously, a majority of your clients were from countries where English is not the primary language. These buyers loved your work. You are an expert in what you do, especially when it comes to back-end development. However since your clientele shifted majorly to primarily English-speaking countries, you've got to address the communication issue so you don't scare away your English-speaking customers.

Other observations that I've made: Four years ago you had 14 reviews, 3 years ago you had 12 reviews, 2 years ago you had 3 reviews and 1 year ago you had 11 reviews. What happened 2 years ago that caused such a drastic drop in orders? And what did you do 1 year ago to recover from that? How you recovered from the last dip may hold the key to how you recover from this last slump.

Lastly, although you have 40 reviews, there are only 5 reviews on your active gigs (and all of them are on one gig). So the last 35 reviews came from a gig that is no longer active. I don't know what you did before but your current gigs seem to be around developing WordPress websites. Competition is pretty high for those types of gigs. You really need to differentiate yourself to stand out from the crowd.

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