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Allow custom offers to be accepted while set to away

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I think it would be great to be able to allow clients to accept custom offers while set to away. Especially because I would have to be the one to send the offer and not a client ordering off my gig page. 

An example of this being useful is, at the moment I am set to away so that I don't get flooded with work. We just got a new puppy and I have limited recording capabilities at the moment, but I can still record in small batches with repeat clients. (or if maybe someone messages me and we talk it out)




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Is this not possible at the moment?


  • You can accept custom offers even if your Set your Availability status is set to “pause”. Check if you have any custom offer requests before you take time off. 


When you are unavailable, you can opt to receive messages from new customers to ensure that you don't miss any exciting collaborations. If you want to allow new customers to contact you while unavailable, select the Enable new buyers on Fiverr to contact me checkbox.

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I experienced the exact same issue. When you are set to "Away" no custom offers previously sent could be accepted. It's a very bad user experience.

There is another annoying behavior, when you deactivate your gig so you won't accept any more new inquires, custom offers you sent while the gig was active are also impossible to be accepted by buyers, and then the worst thing is that the buyer see an error message "offer expired" which is not even the correct error message. Basically when I deactivate my gig, it only means I want to avoid getting new requests, but the custom offers I've already sent out, I do want buyers to accept them. The only workaround is to reactivate the gig for buyers to place an order and then deactivate it again right afterwards, such a cumbersome process. I wrote to Fiverr Support suggesting to have a checkbox for this purpose. The checkbox should opt sellers to allow buyers accept custom offers even if the gig is deactivated. There should be a similar checkbox when you set your status to "Away" on.

I attached the suggested layout for the "Set Your Availability" interface which I sent to Fiverr Support more than a year ago. Too bad they didn't adopt it.

Setting Availability - Suggested New Layout.JPG

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