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Not a single new client/order coming from the last one year ?

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Hi everyone !

Hope that you all are passing so busy time with the pressure of new orders as well and some of them getting batch today and yesterday.

From the last one year after the GIG PROMOTE option used, I have not received a single message from new client as well not a single order from new client. But back to then I usually received at least a new knock every day, but these are a dream for now. However, in this year 2022 I hope that everything will be fine, but still not. 5 months have been passed, but the situation is still same .


I need a permanent solution. Sometimes gig is not showing in the search, or sometimes it shows the 20th page . Impression (below 100 or 150) and click (0 or 1/2) are so poor .


Contacting with Fiverr stuff's is not a solution as I have done this before, and they said it will fix automatically, but you know the result.


Is there anyone who faced this before and right now have a good position and getting orders ? Can you guys give me a little piece of suggestions what should I do at this moment to bring everything normal ?


Thank you so much in advance.


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Fiverr Promotion Feature is helping every Seller, you just need to know how to you use it wisely.
Read this article (How to use Fiverr promotion feature:

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Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I got the Top Rated badge and I thought it would come with benefits, more exposure and whatnot. I also tried the promoted gigs feature like you did and since then less and less new people come to message me. I used to get daily messages, now it can be days without one. And when they come, many ask for services I don't even provide.

My response rate, delivery on time, order completion are almost always 100%. I have finished 1700+ orders and have an average of 5 star rating but for some reason I'm getting less and less noticed. I checked other similar gigs (in terms of service, rating, price, and completed orders) and they have numerous "orders in queue" so what happened to my gig? I know I can even provide better service than many of them.

So is using the promoted gigs feature somehow messes up the algorithm or something like if you stop using it your gig just gets tossed away to the 20th search page?

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