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Client asks to wait with delivery due to the family problems



So after I delivered the order, client asked for a revision in which he said that he will provide details later as he is dealing with family problems.

A client said that he needs 2 days. I don't want to hurry someone who is going through tough times. 

Could taking more time on revision be bad for my profile?

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I think you shouldn't worry about. You can send him a time extension request with couple of days, that's better. Also if it's in revision and you say it's late, it will not affect your on time delivery %. But better if you send him time extension request. Time extension request is available in resolution center of the order page.

When you will send a time extension request, the status of the order will be changed to dispute. Don't worry about that, that's normal.

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As long as your first delivery is delivered before the deadline, it will not be counted as late even though the buyer requests a revision.

The order may appear late  (see image below) if the timer expires while the order is in revision mode but this will disappear when you deliver the order again.

It counts your first delivery as being "on time" and revisions are done until the buyer accepts the delivery (or a delivery auto completes after three days).


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