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How to stand out while there have a million of sellers


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I'm here with Fiverr for around two years. I have a lot of knowledge about graphic design like logos, Business cards, Flyers, Posters, Brochures, etc. I created some gigs over this product but I didn't stand out my gig withing over a million sellers. That's why I didn't get any buyer messages and anyone didn't hire me. After a couple of months, I was going with no job with that type of product. Even now too I don't get any messages from buyers to buy my graphics-related product. I was hopeless about my family's survival because I had no domestic jobs at all. Then, this Forum helps me to get stand out from other different products that have fewer sellers.

But I have knowledge of graphic design and I am thinking I have to use my knowledge and have to earn more money from freelancing by using knowledge with proper use.

 Are there any possible or best tips for standing out with graphics-related gigs over million of sellers?

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I'm a level2 seller. My sell day by day decreasing. For at least 10-12 days, I don't get any message from any buyer. I have promoted options open for one of my gigs and I set the CPC rate high also. What's the problem with me? I noticed while I search my gig with filtering by "online seller", I can't see my gig. I need the best solution here. Can anyone help me out here to grow my business?

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My gig not showing while searching even i can't see by filtering online seller option. I was looking for problem where is happening. After all today i got the problem maybe. I noticed in my profile setting, online green light is not showing(attached image1). When i reload my setting tab online green light is showing(attached image2). Now my gig is online showing. If i close the setting tab in web browser and reopen, my online green light sign is not showing. That's mean i can't find my gig in searching again.

I'm a level 2 seller and i noticed my sell decreaed so high from the month of april. I thought it is maybe Fiverr's algorithm issue that is rotating all sellers gig to maintain balance distribution between all sellers. You know my family survive with my freelancing work only.

So, could you please check me out here, I will be honored? 



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