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4th of July is coming


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So I have a gig where I pin up messages and for the past few months I’ve been

adding seasonal editions to it, like hanging bells for Christmas, cut-out eggs for Easter, stuff like that.

Since it’s July next month, I decided to do a 4th of July version.

Well, let’s see how that one goes.

I have celebrated 4th of July several times with my US friends (I myself am not American though),

and usually what we do is go to a park, have BBQ, maybe watch a little local parade, then see the fireworks

at night,stuff like that.

I like it, but other than the fireworks ( and the great BBQ) I get the feeling there isn’t much

going on on that day.

How do you guys celebrate 4th of July? Anything fun/special?

How about gigs, anyone offering 4th of July gigs out there? 🙂

BTW I’ll be having BBQ with my friends again this year. I have a friend who makes these

amazing red velvet cookies! 😃

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Guest celticmoon

The 4th of July is Independence Day in the U.S., which celebrates the success of our revolutionary war. Tribute is given to our military veterans from the past and to the present in the form of parades, speeches, putting flags on the graves of veterans. We also decorate our homes and towns with the colors of our flag. Our national anthem was written after U.S. independence, but because the words spoke of the author seeing the American flag still standing over a fort despite a long, drawn-out battle lasting all night, with much cannon fire from the British Navy, it came to represent our national pride just as most people feel for their country’s flag. Fireworks represent the cannon fire, as well as being loud, beautiful and spectacular. As with most warm-weather holidays, families tend to gather for parties, picnics and barbecues as well as the parades. Not everyone appreciates the sacrifices made in order for us to live in relative freedom, so perhaps your friends just view the holiday as a day off from work in order to cook out, but for many Americans it’s an important national holiday, worthy of respect.

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