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This thread is dedicated for you new freelancers who need to know how to treat a customer and leave a good impression for their purchase. 

Me myself, is also a new seller on Fiverr. Last week, I received an urgent order from a customer regarding a translation service. As usual, me and my time have our customized tools to make us provide better and faster service. Unfortunately, our tools produce an error that really lead to misunderstanding between me and my client. As soon as client reports that there were several errors in the 20 pages long document, I felt so terrible and sorry for my inaccurate service. Then, I tried to explain to him that there might be some errors encountered by our tools.

And this moment where he agreed to give me an opportunity to revise my work, it's really touching and at the same time embarassing for me. I thought to refund all of his payment and offer this service as free but he with all his generosity give me a tip instead. Really guys, as a new freelancer, as long as you treat your customer higher than you, they will as well respect you. They know that we, as a freelancer, despite our professionalism, could also produce errors or mistakes during the process. Please believe in yourself and don't forget to have professional attitude towards every customers ( I don't care if a customer only order a $5 or $500 worth of service). You might not know if they could repeat the order frequently and want you to help them with your services!

Please, once again please, never treat your customer with bad attitude because you don't know what will come after! 


*If you have similar experiences or any kind of tips for us newbie freelancers, please feel free to share in the comment section bellow!

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