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So, fiverr support "can't" help out when a situation comes up that bombs your stats to death?

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I've found that fiverr support will NEVER lift a finger to help you when a dumb situation comes up that tears your hard-earned stats to shreds, no matter how idiotic the situation... has this been everyone's experience?  Do you think they're actually telling the truth when they say that there is "no possibility" of intervening?

(I recently reached out to someone who had evidently left a message but then deleted it, possibly? Because there was no visible message for me to respond to, just a notification in my inbox... and then when I reached out to them, it counted that "reply" as an extremely slow one and took my response time from 3 hrs to 12 hours.)

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That happens mostly when message gets automatically flagged by fiverr as spam if a person sent the same message to many people. 

Unfortunately in your precise situation they can’t do anything. I saw zero cases where response time where changed especially if you did reply to a message. 
If your message goes to spam and you didn’t see it in time then if you want to keep your stats it’s better not to reply on it. 

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