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Buyer asked me to contact with her AM on whatsapp.

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I created a gig for data entry and in a few minutes I receive a message;

We are impressed with your profile. We would love to give you a chance to work on our on going project mr/miss🤝

I'm MP a recruiter of freelancers We have a data entry job available which involves typing and translating and you have been hired so could you please message our assistant manager on what'sapp (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) miss AR She will tell you everything you need to know about the project.


How to authenticate it is real for fake ?

This is my first assignment on Fiverr, sneiors please guide. Thank you

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8 hours ago, topaz_muse said:

This is a scam and should be ignored.

It's a scam, yes, but I'd send a quick response, and then report it, checking "Buyer wants to communicate or pay off-Fiverr" (or however it's worded) from the Report button drop-down.

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