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Mobile Notifications that Only Work on Desktop

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This is partially intended as feedback but I cannot seem to find a "Fiverr Platform Feedback" category so this will have to do.

I am no stranger to Fiverr's questionable UX and baffling insistence on keeping some things separate between the mobile app and desktop site.

However, today I was baffled even further.

I opened my app and received a notification about Writing Consultation. As a writer, I was intrigued so I clicked it. It was one of those that appears in the middle of the screen, not the notification section. Clicking it opened up the website which promptly told me I needed to view the content on the desktop version.

No biggie, I thought. So I opened the site on my computer but the notification is nowhere to be found. I can't seem to find this intriguing post anywhere, either.

So, what's the point of giving me a mobile only notification that can only be read on the desktop? 😄

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