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Ask Me a Question (BRS)


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Just a funny yet useful tip for those of you buyers that still occasionally use Buyer's Request.

I don't use Buyer's Request that often, but occasionally,  I'll post something to see if I can find a newbie diamond to put in my back pocket. I listed exactly what I needed and at the end of my request, I wrote, "Ask me a question."

No matter how thorough I am, there is always something that needs to be answered. I figured people would ask me something about the gig.

Well, for those that actually took the time to read my request, did ask. Most of them asked me a question about the job, few asked me a generic question like, "How's your day?" (🙂 technically, they did ask a question.

Then there were a few that were cute facts, hysterical in nature or just silly.

It showed me they read my requirement, some sellers have excellent sense of humor and they will be fun to work with.

My advice for using BR, just tell bidder to ask a question!!!


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