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Why can't fiverrr my a job?

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1 hour ago, design_house08 said:

fiverrr my not my job ane help me 

In my country we say Rome was not built in a day. You you have been here one month or less and expect to be getting orders already. I am a TRS now, yet I did not get my first order until I had been here 45 days. Another issue is that there are many gigs posted in your category. I just looked and I see there are 172,000 other gigs for logo design. 134,412 our new sellers like you. So that is part of the issue why you do not get orders.

As far as your gig image goes it is not attractive for buyers. When buyers go to the search to look for sellers they do not take time to read the small print under your gig image. Your gig image is too cluttered with words. It needs to be simplified and say what you offer with a few examples of what you have done in the past.

Lookat the gig images of these TRS sellers. Make your gig image more simple and use logos that YOU have made. 167957837_ScreenShot2022-05-12at9_51_22AM.thumb.png.a651e7ea1627c375e7a73dd10c3a3026.png

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