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Design tips & tricks: to up your Logo Maker game 🕹 - Part 2

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Number of logos and variations

Have you ever wondered how many logos you should upload to see a significant change in your sales? How many variations will give you the perfect range?  

We went out and did some research for you to find all the answers, backed by real data. Here’s what we found: 


Number of logos: 

Sellers usually have a spike after uploading their 6th logo and their 10th logo. If you want to see what the algorithm can do for you, it’s preferable to give him more options to work with.


Number of variations: 

For better performance, it’s  not the number of layout variations that counts, but the number of genuine and unique variations that really make a difference. Keep in mind that buyers are able to change color palettes and basic layout templates independently using  the editor tool. So, when considering variations, you should aim for 5-6 one-of-a kind variations to set your logos apart. For buyers, seeing completed logo options in the form of variations helps push sales forward, even if they do choose to use the editor tool. Keep in mind that the simpler the logo variation, the more applicable it will be to a range of businesses.  



And if you aren’t familiar with the editor yet, take some time to play around with it and test out the Logo Maker from the buyer side. Going through the buyer side helps you understand their point of view and what attracts them. 


For inspiration to give your logos a boost, check our latest in demand trends list- here

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