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Fiverr Provident Funds..... $$$$$


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Every human being has the ability to earn income for a certain period of time. With time or age it tends to get ras. At one stage of a hectic career, people spend all their earnings to meet their needs. Then he doesn't think he will ever grow old. But as he got older, he realized that he had spent all his life earning what he had earned and that he needed to make some savings. But if this possibility is present in his career in the organization, then the task becomes much easier. At one point in his career, even after his time was up, he took a break from his career and saw that he had saved a large sum of money, and that he could use that time to spend the rest of his life. In the same way a small portion of the earnings of the organization we are working for would be very beneficial if we could get it at the end of the day as savings. I'm drawing the attention of the fiverr community to take a look at this issue. Maybe many sellers will benefit from it. ❤️❤️❤️



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5 hours ago, reia_akter said:

I'm drawing the attention of the fiverr community to take a look at this issue.

If you're talking about retirement savings, then that's not a Fiverr-community problem. That's a human-behavior problem. It can stem from social pressure, but most often, it's a lack of self-control and discipline. Financial health is is like dietary health. No one can loose weight for you. That's why financial coaches exist.

If you yourself are facing financial difficulty, I'd suggest starting with Googling "Dave Ramsey". He's intense and blunt, but his plan works.

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