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Fiverr FAQ Why important???

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1 hour ago, aamir_smile said:

I have add only two basic FAQs questions.

Is that enough to answer all questions buyers typically have for your service? I have up to 9 on all of my gigs.

The right FAQs will answer most of a buyer's questions about your services. It is also an excellent place for any information that does not fit into your gig description.


1 hour ago, aamir_smile said:

If you want to see FAQs you can see my gig link

Do you realize you are harming yourself regarding the Fiverr algorithm by asking  Fiverr Forum users to click on your link?

99% of Forum users are not buyers. So, if they click on your link merely to see your FAQs and do not order, the algorithm puts you lower on the search pages because it seems that you have clicks, but you do not convert them into sales. 

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