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Not Geting Buyer Request for 3 Months


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Last 3 months ago I took a small break from fiverr. Then 2 Months I was not so happy because buyer requests are not much like old. That's why i took fiverr as free hand work... But now I feel fiverr is important for my future for that reason i start give again, change my gigs > update it  But noting happen still the buyer request continuously freeze for a month. I am depressed and hopes erasing....  Now I saw this forum community and came for a help...


Let's me know what you guy's suggest me?

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It's just people are not using buyer's request in your category. Fiverr seems to be updating this feature and sorta doesn't want people to use it until then. As you know this feature pretty hidden there in "more" section. 

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Hi Shaminur

Hope you are well.
You sound like me. I am already a year on and things are slow also hoping to make a living out of Fiverr. Everything I read is that its takes time and to be patient. I have gone through skillshare, youtube, and udemy trying to figure out how my gigs can become better. Let me tell you it's a universal mystery! One of my gigs is booming but the other ones are lagging behind I apply everything I did on there but they are all stuck.

But I have gotten a few sales so I will try to explain.

The first thing to better understand SEO on your gigs try this class on skillshare
I learned a lot from there and it's a simple method.

Bake your keywords into your title, description, Gallery pictures, and FAQ everywhere but don't overdo it.

After a year I'm still struggling with setting up the perfect gigs. When you think you have it you fall flat.
Had a someone telling me when I was down "persevere and don't

I dont now alot but you can message me ill try to help as far as i can

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I started out selling all my gigs for $5, and I'm coming up to 3 years on Fiverr. I'm a Top Rated Seller and I've also just been accepted for Fiverr Pro. Throughout that time I only ever responded to one buyer request, and didn't get a response, so firstly don't panic.

One thing that has helped me more than anything is mindset. From the very beginning I never worried, got depressed or panicked over anything outside of my control. I rarely look at my stats, I couldn't tell you if they're up or down, I just focus on what I can change. I'm always reviewing my gigs, especially if sales slow down, I'll look to see if I can improve them in any way, whether it's updating samples, re-writing parts of the description, changing pricing, delivery times, FAQ's, etc. Reviewing gigs should be a regular practice in my opinion, and notice I said review and not change. You don't have to keep changing them, but you should regularly review them.

I know it's disheartening not to get orders when you feel like you're working hard, but you have to ask yourself, can you do better? And can you make better use of your time? Be honest with yourself, in the past 24 hours what have you done to learn and improve? How about the past 7 days, month, year?

There are many people having success on Fiverr, so it can be done, you just have to figure out how. And there's no single secret way of doing it. I'm sure lots of people do things differently here and have equal success. It's down to you to spend time every day reading, learning, finding ways to improve your gig and profile. And if you do this with the right mindset and attitude, and let go of all worry about the things you don't have control of, you should soon start to see things change for the better. 

And they all look like great posts that @imagination7413has shared with you. I would start there and maybe go over them a few times to really take everything in. This forum is a great place for information if you're willing to spend time seeking out the more helpful posts from experienced sellers.

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