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Buyer is not responding



A buyer purchased my gig and didn't submit some requirements without which I can't complete the work. I asked for the requirements as soon as he placed the order. He told me that he'll submit the requirement soon. So without that part i completed all the work of his project. Now he's not responding and I'm not being able to make the delivery. I tried to contact him for last 2 days. He was online but didn't respond. Now i have only 2 hours left for make the delivery on time. If I don't make the delivery on time does it affect the gig rank? What should i do now! Or should i make the delivery and ask him to send the requirements when he ask for revision and i will complete the little part that's left.

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It's against the Fiverr ToS to submit an incomplete order. Doing so can get you in trouble.

For future reference, if you don't have what you need to complete an order, don't start on it.

As for this one, you have two options and both will require you to contact Fiverr Customer Support:

  1. Ask them to cancel the order for you, as the buyer has not provided the necessary information to complete the job.
  2. Ask them to contact the buyer for you. If you do it this way, you'll have to submit a time-extension request in the resolution center in the order page.

Either way, I suggest you rework your gig requirements, to either add more and/or make them mandatory.

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