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Fiverr choice badge not appearing after order was automatically complete.



Hi there,

Last week I received the fiverr's choice order and I could deliver the order on time, But the order was automatically complete because the buyer didn't come online. As I think he didn't see the order yet. I sent him to message for the check the order page but still he don't come online. 

So what I want to know is, Is this fiverr's choice badge appear after buyer review the order? Should buyer need to share a review to appear this badge on my gig?

Have a great day. 🙂

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Hi. That badge is fleeting. As the text says, when you get a Fiverr's Choice order, you have the chance to get the badge again if you deliver great work, or the buyer was happy, or something. If they weren't, your Gig probably will not get it again for a while. For Fiverr to know that a buyer was happy, I guess, yes, it would be necessary that they share a review, whether a public one, or, probably even more importantly, the private review. Asking a buyer to leave a review isn't recommended, however. If your asking is, or could be interpreted as feedback manipulation, it can get you a warning.

I wouldn't fret over that badge, do your best, as always and with any order, Fiverr's Choice or not, and you'll surely get the badge again, eventually.

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