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Buyer Requests: Are they dead?

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Hi everyone!

I have been on Fiverr since 2 years and when I started, I used buyer requests to get my first few orders. They were pretty effective and I was able to get organic orders after which I did not use the buyer requests feature. 

Recently I had to take a break due to a personal emergency and lost my level status. Now, when I am applying to buyer requests, I am getting no response whatsoever. Even the quality of requests have gone done to make them look ingenuine. 

Have y'all been using buyer requests recently? What's your take on how a new seller/one that has taken a break can start receiving orders on the platform? 


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Hi Merzaifatima, welcome back to Fiverr! 

You can still get orders through buyer's requests and the quality of them just depends on the quality of the buyers who are submitting the requests. 

New sellers also have a lot of competition for buyer's requests and sometimes the request will disappear as you are writing your offer. So don't expect to hear back from most of the offers you send in. That is normal.

However, I still think this is a great way to get orders when times are slow. Buyers will be busy at different times of the day, so find the times when your buyers are most active so that you can send in an offer quickly.

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Well, I didn't take a break, and yet my BRs are 99% "ingenuine" lately, there's a big spam/scam wave. I've found maybe 2 genuine requests that also were about something I provide over the past two months.

Hang in there, I guess.

On the bright side, probably so many sellers who don't really need rely on BR, gave and give up on looking at BR at all, that your chances of getting an order out of one of the few genuine requests might be high.

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