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Same Question keep repeating although I already clearly wrote in my description...


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I keep getting buyers who ask the info which I already wrote in my gigs description...

At first I was thinking is my gig not details enough? After I keep updates my gigs and wrote as details as possible but the same question also exists.


For example: "I DO NOT provide any translation service. " is clearly written in my gig's description and I even wrote in below the Q&A.


Guess what~ Here's some examples in the buyer's message I met.

Buyer A: ...you will need to convert the English into Japanese in your voice...

Buyer B: ...I need a 1. translation 2. voiceover...

Buyer C : Ok i will send you 75 words in english can you say it normally in japanese?...



Just wonder, do buyers ever read the description? No offense! Just curious!

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27 minutes ago, ubun97 said:

Just wonder, do buyers ever read the description? No offense! Just curious!

I think you've answered your own question with the information above; not all buyers do 😩 You'd think it's a standard practice before contacting to save both yourself and the Seller some time. Unfortunately, for some people it's apparently a bit of a hassle to read the information provided.

And also unfortunately there's not much more you can do. You've already included it in your FAQ and description. The only thing I can think of you could do is put it in capital letters, make it bold AND highlight it. Other than that I'm afraid you'll keep having to deal with buyers who don't read 😕

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For buyers like that who don't read, I like to put messages everywhere!

It gets a bit ridiculous, but there are buyers there that will try to waste your time so that they don't have to spend the few seconds it takes to read your statement.

You already have it in your gig description and FAQ. You could add it to your gallery as a still image or pdf.

If you have a VO video, have the video playing while they view an image that says your "I DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSLATIONS" statement. Or even state it in your different VO character voices. (this one might be overkill, but they would get the message)

As soon as you see such a message in your inbox, select your detailed quick response for "I DO NOT PROVIDE TRANSLATIONS." Hopefully you won't have to talk to them after sending this message.

I really hope you aren't getting too many buyers like this!

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